In order to help achieve our mission to help men learn, communicate more effectively and play more safely with each other, blackBOOTS has created blackBOARD, an educational and information program for men exploring the world of leather, kink fetishes and BDSM.

blackBOARD hopes to create a stronger sense of fellowship and camaraderie in the Utah men’s Leather/Fetish/Kink community, foster ‘Leather’ ideals and values; and promote the core belief that BDSM play and sex should always be Risk-Aware and Consensual.

Our sex positive classes/workshops strive to help men better understand the wide varieties of sexual, physical and mental play, increase safety by improving BDSM play skills and risk assessment aptitude, refine communication/negotiation abilities, as well as encourage the proper etiquette and protocols of our Leather/BDSM culture.

Classes are now monthly. Usually on the third Monday of each month from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at our private Clubhouse. 

Open to blackBOOTS members and member sponsored guests only. Because education is so very important for our members, we are keeping the cost to attend very low. This is made possible through the membership program, so we encourage you to please support these efforts by becoming a blackBOOTS member. You can sign up for a blackBOOTS membership online through PayPal on our Membership page. 

blackBOOTS Members $3. donation per class.
Sponsored guests $5. donation per class. 
Scholarships available in exchange for volunteer duties. 
Adults only, ages 18+ are welcome. ID required.